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Jesus said to shout it out to the 'house tops'!

Please post your testimonies of how Jesus came into your life
to encourage others who are struggling and do not have any

A friend sent me this testimony about her husbands deliverance. I think you all will be encouraged to keep praying because of it.

I remember that not long after Don asked Jesus to be his Saviour, he suffered severe depression once.  He was so incapacitated that he couldn't go to work that evening and he was literally curled up like a fetus on our lounge floor.  I managed to get him to bed, but left him alone as I had made prior arrangements as a new young Christian to attend the Friday night Prayer meeting.  I told the Elder who called for me to take me to the Prayer Meeting, about Don's condition and although I was a brand new Christian, he advised me to open up about the problem and ask for prayer at the Prayer Meeting.  I did this and was stunned when they all got really concerned and began praying for Don in the Spirit and in the natural; (that all seems a bit frightening for a brand new believer sometimes and this was in 1984 so I wasn't as old as I am now and therefore I hadn't experienced anything like this before!!!!!!) When the Elder was running me home afterwards, he said to me, "Would you like me to come in and talk to your husband or do you think he wouldn't like that interference?" -  (because the elder of course didn't know us, we were brand new in the Church).  I invited him to come in for coffee (I figured it couldn't do any harm, even if it didn't help)! Well, what a shock the Elder and I both received when we got inside the house.  There was Don heading towards the front door to let us in.  He was fully dressed, in his right mind/mood, full of smiles and overcome with joy unspeakable and full of glory.  Then he proceeded to explain what had happened 'back at the ranch' whilst we had been in the prayer meeting, praying the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous.  Don said, as he lay on his pillow all curled up, he suddenly 'broke crying' so to speak and rivers of tears just flooded from  his eyes and 'something' left him and went up and out through the ceiling (obviously a demon of oppression as Satan was trying to get this brand new Christian back into his filthy kingdom of darkness through ignorance and a spirit of depression.) 

What a testimony to God's grace not to allow any of us to be snatched from His hand (John 10:28).  Don has never looked back since that day of course but it just proves James 5:16 - when you see what God accomplished that day and of course 2 Chronicles 7:14 also comes to mind, because due to the faithfulness of the 'saints' in that Prayer Meeting being so fervent in prayer that day, and all being of one heart and one mind and one Spirit, God heard from heaven, He forgave any sin if Don had committed anything to bring that upon himself in his ignorance as a brand new Christian and of course God healed his land (Don's flesh/mind/soul/body.)  Hallelujah for God is faithful for ever.  Praise His holy Name.

God is no respecter of persons what He did for her husband He will do for you too.


  1. You should pray for your parents, even if you are still teenagers and/or baby Christian, as God hear all prayers and will answer a fervent prayer. Keep praying, as nothing is impossible for God. I have proven this, that God will only be moved through our prayers, even a child's prayer.

    My life situation was horrible before I was saved, I was a drug abuser, drug pusher & trafficker, a murderer, and neglected all my family, sold my wife to prostitution for drugs, and I had 5 children being hungry and fed by charity organizations.

    But my 2nd child, just was barely a 13 year old boy was the first one receiving Christ, and he kept praying for me.

    With the fervent prayer of my second son, things have changed slowly but surely, and change the situation completely different.

    Today, I am a Child & servant of God, I re-marry the same wife again in a Church, and my children (I have 6 children, the first one is now 27 year old boy and the last one was born when I received Christ 2006). All my children are the best students in class, and I live in abundant peace, love, joy, and prosperity.

    All started and became possible because of the fervent prayer of a child.

    God will provide an answer when we seek him fervently, and He has promised in the bible that when we seek Him, we will find Him, when we knock His door, He will open it.

    John M Lu
    Pastor of Bethany English Service - Balikpapan Indonesia and New Creation Church - Bandung Indonesia.

    This testimony was written on 31-01-2013

    1. I agree John M my good friend in the Lord, that everyone should pray for their children and teenagers alike. The devil wants to capture them and enslave them with wicked and evil thoughts. It is important to tell them about Jesus who is so loving and kind and died for our sins and sicknesses. He loved us when we were yet sinners. Children need to know they are loved by their parents. I thank you for giving my readers who will come and see what God can do in lives that are given over to Jesus. He will love them back to life again as He did for me and for you too John. God bless you for your most wonderful testimony and your powerful ministry for the Lord in Indonesia. God indeed is proud of you and your wife for coming to Him and loving Him as He loves you and all your family. God loves you and do do I my brother in the Lord. hugs, Cami



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