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Friday, April 5, 2013


This Scripture stops bleeding anywhere in your body or head.

 Missionaries know well about this scripture.
You keep speaking it over the person who is bleeding and it will stop the it.

Ezekiel 16:6
And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in  thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.

I know it works because when my Mom had a nose bleed we prayed it and it stopped.

I shared it with a friend and she said her Dad was a Pastor and he knew about it and used it to stop  bleeding  for anyone in his church.
She knew about it and when her husband was bleeding she prayed it and the bleeding stopped.

If you have been experiencing fear or confusion or you feel moody then you need to put on some praise music in your home or if you are in the care put in a praise CD and watch how fast you feel better right away. The demons try to depress us and steal our peace. Lord give us your peace and send someone to encourage us when we need it.
Music soothes you and sends the evil thoughts out of your house. David as a Shepherd boy was called to come to the palace of King Saul to play for him and the demons that troubled his mind left him. It was the only time he had peace is when David played his lyre.


  1. Ezekiel 16:6 is a verse my grandfather used many times to stop bleeding. To someone who has never seen this happen, it sounds a little spooky or irreligious. But when I cut my foot that required 15 stitches, he used that verse to immediately stop the blood so I could get to an ER that was 30 minutes away. Again, my brother and I were in a serious car accident with blood everywhere. Someone said to get granddaddy. He came and the blood stopped flowing so we could get to the hospital. My brother was in a coma for 3 months and would have bled to death had granddaddy not had this healing faith. Whether it is the verse or the faith makes no difference. It worked many other times throughout his life. He was 103 when he went to be with the Lord.

  2. My grandmother always used it. I was always told a man had to say it to a woman or a woman to a man. Don't know why, but that was what grandma said. It worked!

    1. Obviously someone gave you wrong information on this awesome power against the devil and his lies. Anyone who is saved man/woman/child if they know their authority in Christ and who they are in Christ can Plead the blood of Jesus around them or anyone else. Kenneth Hagin used to teach that if you believe something wrong you will act on it wrong. I want to set you straight so you will not stand on that wrong idea that came from your memory or your grandmother that is all wrong.
      Just know that the blood of Jesus is ours as Christians and Jesus wants us to not wait for anyone else to do it for us but for us to do it ourselves. We do not have to be minister nor a priest just need to be saved and a Believer.
      Thank you for your comments and God bless you.

  3. Praise God that your grand father knew how to plead the blood of Jesus.
    Thank you for your post about your grandfather it is an amazing testimony of what believing in the blood of Jesus will do when we wield the blood against the lies of the devil.

  4. Wow,I didn't realize the seriousness of this. I had an Uncle who lived in Canada and was there to visit him when I was a young girl. While there I had a bad nosebleed(actually had a lot of them back then) my Aunt yelled into a room where my Uncle was sleeping and told him. My nosebleed stopped,and I never had another bad one again. The story is that my Uncle was told the secret on how to do it by a Nun,and the power can only come through Jesus. Sadly the secret died with my Uncle. I decided to research this lately because I was concerned it could be a curse of sorts, as my family has endured much tragedy. Sometimes it's as if there's an evil eye bestowed on us.

  5. You need not be afraid of using the scripture. But you may have a generational curse on you from your family. If you have an evil eye seek out a deliverance team to deliver you from it or prayer counselor. The Word of God is all you need to free yourself from the lies of the devil. God to www.kcm,org for help. Kenneth Copeland has a southwest believes campmeeting in arizona you need to get in touch with him.

  6. My father prayed every nose bleed or fever away instantly. Me and my 3 siblings only went to the doctor if there was a bone sticking out. He taught us that the Jesus had heald us 2000 yrs ago. And that we just had to be smart enough to know it.



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